My current project is to publish my novel, Life after Ceviche, but when a story takes form in my mind, I can’t help but put everything aside and write it down. Here are two of my recent non-fiction essays. When these are published, I will provide links.


Do You Know Where You’re Going?

An essay about my adventurous mother and our contrasting views of life and death. Non-fiction, 5,600 words. Currently in review.

“Dad’s death catapulted her into an orbit of freedom that spun her around the world several times over the next quarter century, in spite of countless ways that her body tried to fail her. She climbed peaks with a wheeze and descended in pain on contorted, arthritic feet. She suffered from infections, shingles, asthma, partial loss of hearing, and an enlarged heart. Yet she continued to adventure her way across the globe, often sleeping upright in a chair in her hotel room when a bout of asthma would not let her lay prone.”

 “The days of spiritual sparring with my mother were over. Faith had granted her a vaulting pole to leap over the hurdle of death into the afterlife, and I would not wrest that from her. As much as she loved the beauty of the Earth, she envisioned Heaven as even more glorious.”  


Innocence on the Rocks, with a Twist

 A personal account of sexual harassment that caused me to lose my job. Non-fiction, 3,500 words. Currently in review.

“That was the winter I lost my innocence. Not in the way that we often use that term, our first sexual experience. I’m speaking of another kind of innocence, the naiveté of young women who encounter for the first time, sex in the workplace. The innocence of not knowing that the unseen print of the job description includes willingness to provide sexual favors.”