Harpy eagle chick looking at camera


This website features my writing, with special emphasis on my new, unpublished novel, Life after Ceviche.  

 If you like novels that both educate and entertain, you’ll love Life after Ceviche. This is a timeless story of one woman’s choice between honoring her marriage or following her heart, but the setting is far from ordinary: The Upper Amazon Basin of Peru. While biologist Michelle Greenwald struggles with love and betrayal, you’ll be lured down jungle paths of beauty and danger, and experience the life and culture of people of the Amazon.

I am a wildlife biologist with a strong bend for wild and remote places. My novel is based on four journeys to Peru, where I lived for a month in the rainforest and for several weeks in the small jungle town of Puerto Maldonado. Although the plot is fictitious, the ecological and cultural descriptions are accurate.

I’ve used a literary tool (that I won’t disclose here) to explore concepts of Fate and Choice, a major theme that runs through the novel.

Enjoy my blog posts! They provide excerpts from the novel and describe my own experiences of observing harpy eagles and living among the people of the Amazon.